In 2013, Nour Khoury introduced a fashion blog documenting her style and promoting the independent designers she’s drawn to. When she envisioned it evolving into a global boutique and a kickstarter for emerging brands, she toured young fashion houses in the Middle East and Europe to conduct market research and hear their feedback. The demand was overwhelming,

By the time Khoury returned to the US, the site’s launch date was set. The digital retail platform went live at the start of 2016 as a curated marketplace for emerging designers. It features an exclusive roster of fashion, jewelry and accessories labels from around the world. 



Nour Khoury is Bucolik’s resident trend hunter, culture vulture and yogi. She started her career in marketing at Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche in Paris, part of LVMH Group, before joining Beirut’s iconic ABC department store as a womenswear buyer. After several years in luxury fashion merchandizing, she relocated to Washington, DC, and learned the ins and outs of the tech industry as Marketing Director of MCN Build and IT company Genesys Impact.

The transition into technology introduced Khoury to blogging and coding, but there was a void where fashion had been. She closely followed the fashion industry in her free time, as work and holidays brought her to cities across the US, Europe and her native Lebanon. With each trip she would seek out labels new on the scene and collect and her favorite pieces.Khoury began to notice a trend: many emerging designers had talent but no outlet to promote it.

In 2013, she fused her marketing and technology experience to launch Bucolik, a blog that documented her personal style in order to give independent brands a global voice. When loyal readers – and strangers on the street – demanded to know more about what she was wearing and where they could buy it, she knew the site had potential as more than just a virtual lookbook.Khoury expanded Bucolik to a digital retail platform in 2016. She now works tirelessly to connect discerning shoppers with designers making their names in big cities, quiet countrysides and everywhere in between.