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  • Let there be Light.

    February 13, 2017

    Inspired by the fusion of light and design during her travels in Tokyo, Irene Cattaneo creates a leading-edge line of light-up accessories. After having noticed the increasing trend of light, from its importance in the elds of art, design and, ultimately, fashion, the founder felt the desire to create a product that captures the intangibility of light and places its charm into a woman’s favourite accessory, combining it to ebullient... READ MORE
  • THE IDEA Unconventional leather jacket When it comes to wardrobe staples it doesn't get much cooler than a leather jacket. The leather jacket and its many iterations seem to have found a permanent home on the high fashion racks. Today, NH statement jackets are at the forefront of celebrity street style and are gracing the shoulders of many trendsetters. THE PROCESS Lambskin motorcycle jacket with rive... READ MORE
  • Play on words

    October 13, 2016

    Multidisciplinary designer Joe Arida worked in fashion and advertising before being accepted in 2014 to Starch Foundation, an incubator for young talent in Lebanon. There he launched La Terre est Folle, a clothing line with an equal emphasis on multifaceted form and function. Arida’s pieces are wardrobe staples that make a statement. When it comes to work, success and happiness, designer Joe Arida has the perfect words to go with the ... READ MORE
  • On a hot summer day, we've been scouted by Raghunter, the Local Fashion Guide for Beirut. Serene Abbas Raghunter's co-founder asked : " What's the best thing about Bucolik?"....Well it makes my heart beat everyday! Raghunter is showing us the right way to shop local fashion designers from around the world on Bucolik. BUCOLIK Bucolik is a fashion e-commerce website that launched earlier this year as a curated marketplace for ... READ MORE
  • Thanks to its polite hemline and non-clinginess, the midi skirt has traditionally been the sartorial go-to for older ladies and prim. Classic midis have a vexatious habit of doing absolutely zero for your figure, but now the fashion powers have ordained it a fashion staple. The midi skirt is having a major comeback and it is perfect for pulling off this season’s demure ladylike trends. Woven, pleated, high-waist, with a slit… We will wear it... READ MORE
  • Gray Days

    September 16, 2015

    Fashion trivia month has come to a beginning, and we are having a lot of fun out there on the streets, curating trends and designers, watching every single runway show from all of the cities. It inspired us to combine two of our favorite trends monochromatic and the gray ribbed jumpsuit to enjoy a sunny fall day. Designers have made it so by deciding that an all-gray suit was the look, but actually, we agree. Monochromatic in gray is pretty ... READ MORE
  • Fashion with a soul is the first thing that strikes you when you come across Universal Architect soft, comfortable and trendy apparel. Universal Architect because we all are Architects of our lives. The brand was carefully and lovingly created by Angela Fach, a smart, talented woman with a bright heart and soul. Angela and I met over a peppermint and lavender tea in a charming French alike bakery, Coquette Patisserie in the heart of Cleveland…... READ MORE

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